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Main Properties:

  • Biodegradable mask

  • Anaerobic digestion is a sequence of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen


​About Our Products

  • The designs of BD8 Products bring us one step closer to solving plastic pollution problem but should not be marketed as ultimate solution.

  • Laboratory testing for BD8 products were scientifically proven the acceleration of biodegradation, but the biodegradation time required, and rates vary depends on landfill conditions.

  • Please note that some regions’ legislation has prohibited the use of the term “biodegradable”, such as California, as such it is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of labelling locally.  

  • The wordings of marketing is the liability of the buyer, who are obligated to check and verify the local labelling requirements, biodegradation law and/ or regulations and local customs law.

  • Avoid claiming “100% Biodegradable” on any marketing contents as biodegradation legislation varies across regions.

  • The designs of BD8 Products bring us one step closer to solving the plastic pollution problem, laboratory testing for BD8 products was scientifically proven the acceleration of biodegradation and the biodegradation is estimated in around five years, but the actual biodegradation time and rates may vary on different landfill conditions.

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