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Biodegradable PC Sun Lenses

Main Properties:

  • Bio PC Sun lenses are available

  • Multi Color selection 

      (Solid / Gradient / Mirror / Multi-color Coating)

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Different curvature/sizes available 

  • Optical Grade

  • Green Leaf Certification 

  • Biodegradable by landfill  

Lens Details


Biodegradable PC Blue Blocker Lens 

Main Properties:

  • High Solar Blue-Light Filtering

  • High Impact Resistance Lens

  • With additional anti-scratches coating

  • International Lens Testing Standard comply with

    • EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015

    • AS/NZS 1067.1:2016

    • ANSI Z80.3-2015

BD8 Biodegradable

Blue Blocker Lens


BD8 Full Resin Saturation Technology

Full Resin Saturation Technology (BBI)

  • Blue Block Ratio: ~ 20%



Top Layer Coating Technology

Top Layer Coating Technology (BBC)

  • Blue Block Ratio: ~ 25%

  • Blue Block Ratio: ~ 30%


Biodegradable Demo Lens

  • Clear Lens (Demo Lens) with biodegradable solution

  • Suitable for Acetate, Metal and Injection Frame

  • Different curvature / size / thickness available

  • Green Leaf Certification 

1st Generation

(Version 3.0)

Recycled Demo Lens with Biodegradable Solutions

  • Recycled Post Consumer Content 

  • Biodegradable closed-loop solutions

  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS Certificate)

  • Suitable for acetate, injection and metal frames

  • Various of curvature/size to cover all the lens range

2nd Generation


74.7% Carbon Emission Reduction

Using 1M pairs = 171,319.66 hours CO2 Emission are saved

600 years Degradable Time Reduce to around 5 years

BD8 2nd Generation

Demo Lens


check these out


Biodegradable PC Polarized Lens (Bio PCPOL)

Main Properties:

  • Polarization Efficiency: 99%

  • Optical Standard

  • Coating Available


BD8 Bio Ophthalmic PC Lens (BOPC)


  • Finished Lens (BOPC-F)

  • Semi-Finished Lens (BOPC-SF)

Main Properties:

  • 1.59 PC Finished Single Vision Lens

  • High Abbe Value (32)

  • High Impact Resistance 

  • Hard-coating

  • Clear colour 

  • Light In Weight

  • Included Anti-scratches Hard coating Function (HC)

Add on Function:

  • Hard Multi-Coating (HMC)

  • Anti-Fog

  • Super Hydrophobic 

Finished Lens


Main Properties:

  • 1.59 PC Semi-finished Single Vision Lens

  • High Abbe Value (32)

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Clear colour

  • Base: 0.50D, 2.50D, 4.25D, 6.00D, 8.50D

Semi-Finished Lens



Biobased Content - Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) Polarized Lens

Main Properties:

  • 45% Biobased Carbon Content 

  • Multi Color selection (Solid / Gradient / Mirror / Multi-color Coating)

  • Optical Grade 

  • Different curvature/size available 


ISCC Certified - Tritan Renew Sun Lens

Main Properties:

  • ISCC certified 

  • Tritan Renew (contains 50% recycled content)
    (Solid / Gradient / Mirror / Multi-color Coating)

  • Different curvature/size available 

  • BPA-Free material 

  • Suitable for acetate, injection & metal frames 

  • Clarify / durability/safety 



Clear and Sun Lens


Optical Standards


High Impact Resistance


Coating Available

Cleaner, Greener, Better World

Each year, at least 8 million tonnes of plastics find their way into the ocean, the equivalent of dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute

We have developed the Bio Lens, which could replace millions tons of lenses in the industry. Bio Lens is Biodegradable and can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

If the whole eyewear industry changed to Bio Lens, we can plant 688,750 trees and this equals to 3 Central Park.

We care about
your visual experience

Bio Lens is not just only the lens product. We aim to create the best quality of eco-friendly eyewear lenses to enhance people’s visual experience.

With an in-depth research and development, our RND experts have developed the formula for producing both high performance biodegradable Clear lens and Sun lens.

100% Doing Good Guaranteed.
That’s our commitment

Our team of experts in production and development is backed with over 20 years’ experience in making high-performance bio lenses.

We are armed with the most talented workforce to ensure the best quality. Our Bio Lens are proven with the Optical Standards, providing high durability and high impact resistance.

Bio Lens are tested and proven for worldwide standards.

​About Our Products

  • The designs of BD8 Products bring us one step closer to solving plastic pollution problem but should not be marketed as ultimate solution.

  • Laboratory testing for BD8 products were scientifically proven the acceleration of biodegradation, but the biodegradation time required, and rates vary depends on landfill conditions.

  • Please note that some regions’ legislation has prohibited the use of the term “biodegradable”, such as California, as such it is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of labelling locally.  

  • The wordings of marketing is the liability of the buyer, who are obligated to check and verify the local labelling requirements, biodegradation law and/ or regulations and local customs law.

  • Avoid claiming “100% Biodegradable” on any marketing contents as biodegradation legislation varies across regions.

  • The designs of BD8 Products bring us one step closer to solving the plastic pollution problem, laboratory testing for BD8 products was scientifically proven the acceleration of biodegradation and the biodegradation is estimated in around five years, but the actual biodegradation time and rates may vary on different landfill conditions.

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